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At TSATT, we employ highly trained and experienced current and former law enforcement officers and military veterans. TSATT Corp can train you at your skill level, whether it be beginner, intermediate or advanced. We provide firearms training courses that meet your needs. For example, if your condition is to build a safety and protection team for your place of worship, company, or corporation, we specialize in that. However, if you only want to enhance your abilities, we can do that too.

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With the tragedy of church and other public shootings in 2017, Jim Tomlinson offered a church security solution that led our leadership to create a Safety Team.

Jim's leadership and expertise galvanized many first responders and volunteers to create a ministry that soon caught the attention of many churches in our region. Jim has a genuine sheepdog mentality with a sacrificial commitment to keep the church a safe place.

I frequently have people in our church, especially parents, ask me to thank our safety team. Having a committed team visible on Sunday mornings and at other church events gives our people peace of mind.

Jim Tomlinson was the catalyst for making our Central Safety Team the highly effective ministry it is today.

I highly recommend Jim to any church or organization looking for a security solution.

Jim M.

Executive Pastor

I have always considered myself a capable, aware, and security minded individual. But I have no prior service in any industry that trains for that. I am a 2A supporter and have always owned firearms but, foolishly, I never (maybe once a year) took them to the range and trained. I met Jim 3 years ago when our Pastor asked me to join the church safety team because I was actively pursuing a career in policing. Jim took me from zero to full speed within a year. My targets went from looking like a shotgun pattern to dinner plates in one afternoon. He had me drawing from concealment, shooting from multiple tactically superior positions, and shooting while moving in one day. I brought a teachable and coachable attitude with no ego and nothing to prove. He brought a genuine passion and excitement for improving in the skill set of defending those in duress.

Within one year Jim had developed an entire safety team including a leadership team and a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for 13+ posts of duty and TP (Tactical Procedures) for dozens of situations. He excels is finding and developing talent. He trained the entire team to the point of self-reliance. So much so that when he left after the 2 year training point we continued to grow and train and improve.

Our church now has such a well reputed safety team that the local Mayor personally request us to provide security during the annual Mayor's Prayer Breakfast. We invited the local SWAT unit to do a walk through with us and critique our program for our betterment.  They were so impressed by our training and knowledge that they left us with no suggestions and only accolades.

Jim was the catalyst, the passion, the focus, the glue, the inspiration, the knowledge and drive that made this all happen.

Wes T.

Training Coordinator - Central Baptist Round Rock

I am the current Director of the Central Baptist Church safety team, consisting of 25 team members.

Jim was the founder and first Director of the Central Baptist Church Safety Team in Round Rock, TX.

Jim has been one of the main facilitators in getting our team organized, and providing top notch training. 

Jim has provided our team with basic and advanced pistol training and tactical pistol and rifle training.  He has helped all of our members become excellent shooters.

Jim has also provided our team with training on a layered approach to property and congregation protection.  Training for situational awareness, deescalation techniques, building clearing, dealing with hostile threats of all kinds.

Jim's life long military and law enforcement background makes him uniquely qualified to pass this extensive knowledge on to others.  Jim enjoys teaching others, and it shows in the quality of training he has provided for us and the resulting proficiency and professionalism of our safety team.

I highly recommend Jim and his services provided by his corporation, TSATT.


Rick O.

Safety Team Director

I had the pleasure of meeting Jim when I volunteered to serve on my church's Safety Team. 

I grew up around firearms, hunting and shooting recreational but I had never received formal training. 

Jim was able to take me from a casual shooter to one of the top performers of our team. 

Jim has taught me firearm skills and tactics that have given me confidence in my ability to perform under stress. 

I would highly recommend anyone regardless of skill level to train with Jim and his team.

Grant D.

Safety Team Leader

I have owned firearms my entire adult life. I lived in the country for several years where I had the freedom to hunt and target practice any time I wanted, I had to start reloading because I was shooting so frequently.

I thought I was a pretty decent shot until I met Jim and started training with him. 

I have trained many times with Jim, both one on one and in a group environment, both handguns and long guns. He took my shooting skills, my confidence and more importantly my situational awareness, up several notches. 

Standing, prone, moving from seated to standing, advancing to target, two handed, one handed, close quarters, distance, distracted (someone bumping into you), one handed magazine swap, one handed slide racking, switching from long gun to handgun, active shooter and even from your back, Jim's team can help you improve your skill set.

I will continue to train with Jim and I recommend TSATT for any of your shooting needs. If you conceal carry it is in your best interest to take formal training, for peace of mind as well as legal reasons.

Jeff M.

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