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  • US Army/Army National Guard (Texas) 1988-2009
  • 20+ years
  • MOS’s Held: 19K M1/M1A1 Tank Crewman; 19E (M60A3 Tank Crewman; 11B Infantry)
  • Desert Storm,
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom,
  • Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran
  • Major Awards:
    • Bronze Star,
    • Purple Heart

    Law Enforcement
  • 27 Years Law Enforcement experience
  • 24+ years with Austin Police Department (APD) 1994-2018
  • 6 years street patrol
  • 18 years serving in the Downtown Area Command of Austin; Bicycle/Walking Beat patrol.
  • Served for 17 years with APD’s SRT Unit (crowd/riot response unit)
  • 2 years Elgin Police Department 2019-2021

Training and Certifications

  • Master Peace officer
  • TCOLE Instructor
  • Police Firearms Instructor
  • Mental Health Officer
  • Field Training Officer
  • Accident Investigator
  • Assistant Bicycle Patrol Instructor
  • Prisoner Transport Vehicle (PTV)/Booking Point Ops Course Instructor; responsible for training all new officers assigned to DTAC in use of PTV units, and in booking point operations
  • Crowd Management/Riot Response training/trainer (Less Lethal/Impact Weapons prime operator, Mk. 46 OC, 12ga LL, 37/40mm LL)

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TSATT Warrior's prayer

Personal growth and the pursuit of knowledge and excellence are daily choices. A TRUE Warrior mindset is engrained through the violence of action with a focus on God and his Love for us all. For You oh Lord, I live my life. To You my Lord, I give my life.

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