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Mission Focused Training

Shotgun Courses

Basic Shotgun Operator Course (BSHOC)

BSHOC offers a logical base of instruction that will prepare the student to progress in their confidence and ability to handle their shotgun. BSHOC is a beginning shotgun course. It is designed for those with little or no experience with firearms and acts as a good refresher for those who may have had prior basic instruction but may have not been practicing consistently. The course teaches the participant the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to own and use a shotgun. Learn to safely handle your shotgun, from clearing to storing. BSHOC covers the fundamentals of shotgun operation and safety.

Cost per student: $125

Intermediate Shotgun Operator Course (ISHOC)

ISHOC is the next level of pistol training that builds on the lessons learned in BSHOC. The student will gain the confidence and ability to handle their shotgun in potentially dangerous situations and how to stop someone from seriously injuring or killing you or a loved one. ISHOC is designed to give you confidence in your abilities, learned skills, and the tools to protect yourself and your family from violent intruders. 

Cost per student: $150

Advanced Shotgun Operator Course (BSHOC)

ASHOC is a tactical training shooting course built on the lessons learned in BSHOC and ISHOC. ASHOC challenges students’ abilities and prepares them to handle their shotgun with confidence during intense and obvious life-threatening situations. It focuses on close-quarters shooting, decision-making, and home defense. You know the importance of owning a firearm and taking responsibility for it. Now take responsibility for your family’s safety and enroll in ASHOC today.

Cost per student: $175
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