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Mission Focused Training

Special Events

(IPEC) June 16th, 2022 Group Training Event

IPEC is the next level of pistol training that builds on the lessons learned in BPEC. The student will gain the confidence and ability to handle their pistol in potentially dangerous situations and how to stop someone from seriously injuring or killing you or a loved one. IPEC is designed to give you confidence in your abilities, learned skills, and the tools to protect yourself and your family from violent intruders.

15 Slots available (Almost filled, first come first served)

Cost per student: $150

(APEC) June 26th, 2022 Group Training Event

APEC is a tactical training shooting course built on the lessons learned in BPEC and IPEC. APEC challenges students’ abilities and prepares them to handle their pistol with confidence during obvious life-threatening situations. It focuses on close-quarters shooting, decision-making, and home defense. You know the importance of owning a firearm and taking responsibility for it. Now take responsibility for your family’s safety and enroll in APEC today.

15 Slots Available (filling fast, first come first served)

Cost per student: $175

Veterans Day

Military Veterans are welcome to bring their brothers in arms and their families to the range for an extreme discount! All military veterans who bring a paying “plus one” will be able to experience the joy and excitement of shooting for free for the whole day!

Cost per student: TBD

Open Range Day

Open Range Day is about creating an atmosphere that would make the perfect first exposure to the world of firearms. Our skilled trainers will ensure a safe, fun and knowledge rich environment. You can come out, shoot some paper targets, some steel targets, go through some training scenarios, or just use your handgun to practice reloading up close. Practice drawing from concealment, engaging in close quarters, and connecting with like-minded people.


Cost per student: TBD

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